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January 2, 2018
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The Mother City not only appeals to international tourists, but it is a holiday destination for many South Africans.

The economic growth in the city presents opportunities in the tourism, business, politics and other sectors where entrepreneurs and corporate companies can have a slice of the pie. The impact of the innovation that has come in Cape Town has greatly boosted the city’s economy. Moreover, the development made in the town has increased the city’s prominence as a tourism hotspot.

Cape Town is a city that also has a rich historical background and represents the country’s transition to democracy. The city has many significant places that show the country’s evolution through the years. With many tangible monuments of the struggle for freedom, this is a city with meaningful political reference.

A City of Innovation

With the city being a business hub, it offers many employment and business opportunities for professionals to prosper. There are thousands of entrepreneurial traders operating in every sector from eateries to clothing stores, beauty shops and many more.

It is a city of empowerment where students can acquire a qualification and begin a career in various sectors. There are also abundant corporations in the different fields where professionals can grow their career.

The Vibrant Mother City

Image source: Natalie Roos on Instagram 

From entertainment hotspots to superb restaurants and exquisite hotels, Cape Town is the perfect holiday destination. Visitors can find themselves waking up to breath-taking views and engaging in holiday activities that will revitalise their senses.

Cape Town is a great destination for those in need of a getaway, the scenic views, allows one to recharge mind, body and soul.

A Modernisation and Culture Hub

Cape Town is also one of the cities that influences style and fashion and is considered the trendsetting city of the country. There is just a culture of style and modernism that young Cape Townians have. These inventive youngsters are at the forefront of defining trends in arts and lifestyle. Their way of life has inspired many other South Africans who are intrigued by these styles.

Cape Town has some of the most influential in Bloggers in SA. The city is rich with award-winning creatives and talented professionals. There is also a guide to the best Cape Town Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration on what visitors can explore.

This town is rich with people who have high-level tech ability, multiple specialists and tech gurus taking over the digital world. These professionals belong to some of the best agencies that produce impressive work for brands and make a difference in communications.

A City with great Historical Reference

There are a few iconic places in Cape Town where people can be educated about the struggles of apartheid. This is the city where the iconic former prison on Robben Island is situated. The prison is where freedom fighter Nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 years before the country attained democracy.

From heritage spots to apartheid museums that you can visit, you learn a lot about the effects of colonization in Cape Town.

There are many other historic landmarks and places that visitors can gain knowledge about the history of South Africa.

Let’s explore some of the most exciting hotspots that the City has to offer:

1.      91 Loop Hostel Boutique

Image source: 91 Loop website

Image source: 91 Loop on Instagram

91 Loop is a hostel boutique in Cape Town that is a very cool and funky, offering its visitors something different. The modern space attracts a variety of travelers looking for a unique stay. The pod rooms have commodious beds which are a retreat from the busy city. These chic rooms have revolutionary concepts such as with high tech lockers and many other exciting features that gives visitors a futuristic accommodation experience.

With a bar and in-house activities, visitors can participate in yoga and have an experience in wine tasting. The place is fit for the inventive, trendy minds and it is a haven for foodies and fun lovers.

2.      Franschhoek Wine Tram

Image source: winetram.co.za

Image source: Mentallydisturbed_lama Instagram

For wine lovers, Cape Town is the best city for a sophisticated fine wine experience. You can have fun wine adventures such as grape stomping, vineyard tours or wine pairing and tasting.

Franschhoek Wine Tram offers visitors quality wine tasting, cellar visits and a chance to enjoy strolls in the amazing vineyards. This has been one of Cape Town’s popular attractions for 300 years. The tour of the Wine Tram involves stopping at various wine farms and learning about the local wines.

Holidaymakers get to learn about Franschhoek Wine Tram routes in the exciting group vineyard journey.

3.      N2Ice Cream Lab ‘Tasty Chemistry’

Image source: N2Ice Cream Lab

Image source: N2 Ice Cream Lab Instagram

If you’re a science lover and you also have a sweet tooth, you have to visit N2Ice Cream Lab. Not just for the amazing flavour-filled ice cream they make, but the experimental way that it is made.

N2Ice Cream Lab has something unique for people looking to try authentic new desserts. They have creatively invented liquid nitrogen ice cream, which customers find splendid. The ice cream ingredients are blended and frozen right in front of customers.

In just 60 seconds, the ice cream is chilled at a cool 196 degrees. The store uses nitrogen equipment that evaporates quickly and creates a mesmerising vapour. Visitors can enjoy this incredible experience at N2 Ice cream lab and indulge in deliciously flavoured ice-cream.

4.      The Bo-Kaap Cape Town

Image source: www.glofilms.tv

Image source:  Welikebali Instagram

The Bo-Kaap is a great culture trip for visitors. The community carries a Cape Malay culture and heritage that travelers can learn about. The colorful town’s brightly colored cottages and quaint cobbled streets are what makes it fascinating.For visitors looking to discover the historical reference of Cape Town, the Bo-Kaap offers an illuminating trip about the township and city’s history.

The historical district carries a rich legacy that visitors can be educated about. The Bo-Kaap also has a lot of local businesses that offer activities to get up to such as indulging culinary experiences and visiting craft markets.

5.      Cape Town-Long Street

Image source: Trip Advisor

Image source: One up Bart Instagram

When it comes to entertainment and partying, Capetonians know how to paint the town red on Long Street. This is the street to be where visitors can enjoy music, arts and crafts as well as other fun festivities.

This is the city’s hotspot for showbiz that offers a buzzing nightlife. The busy street is filled with ethnic restaurants, clubs and bars, this is also where live concerts and popular events take place. Visitors can get an authentic social experience in the city’s party capital.

This street is lively with ethnic stores and activities that travelers can delight in. With fun vibes captivated on the epic Long street, you will definitely let loose and create new memories.

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Travelling is a therapeutic aspect of life that is vital to embrace. It teaches you more about places, history and culture and it cultivates humanity that the world needs.


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