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The technology tools used in education create innovative training methods that create interactive and informative sessions.

Through the apps and tools developed teachers can plan lessons more efficiently and students can receive insightful feedback as well as useful knowledge. Scholars can enjoy tech-driven education apps that help organise study schedules which allow them to attend to tasks skilfully.

As a teacher trying to get students to participate in lessons the tech driven age requires you to be tech smart. This means you use techniques and innovative methods provided by tech tools to make education thought-provoking and inspiring. Through tech expansions, many tools have been invented to assist teachers in planning their curriculum and be resourceful with lessons.

Students have access to countless education resources online that make learning more meaningful. From research tools, group interaction tools, study materials, planners and so much more that are available in the tech education sector, students can enjoy dynamic and impactful educational training.


Planboard is a tech tool that assists teachers in planning their lessons effectively. The app reduces prep time and creates organised lesson programmes that are easily accessible. The tool has features and settings that allow you to pre-plan curriculum and manage your timetable better.  You can add videos and photos to templates that make your lessons lively. The app has progression tools that allow you to keep track of lessons and reuse them at any time. Teachers can enjoy the flexibility that this tool allows.


Nearpod is an app that makes lesson interactive and engages students through their device. This requires students to have iPods or similar technology devices, and when they open the PowerPoint presentation, they can view it on their device. Teachers can control the slides in the presentation and add polls, quizzes and so much more that keep students captivated. Students have the ability to respond to this app and teachers can review this privately. This app gives teachers the freedom to create lessons that students will love.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is an app that organises homework, lessons and assignments schedules. As a student, you can stay on track and be easily briefed and reminded about your study plan calendar. You can monitor the progress of tasks and coordinate useful data from your phone with these tasks. This is the perfect app to make ensure that you don’t miss a single study exercise.

StoryBoard That

StoryBoard That gives teachers the imaginative power to create storyboard topics in English and History lessons. This is a creative visual approach to lessons to best entertain students. The app allows you to build storyboards and presentations to demonstrate characters in history and recreate events or stories. This is a commanding way to visually and mentally educate students.

Formative App

Formative is a platform that helps teachers create assessments and monitor student growth. This is a great assignment platform that allows students to view results in real-time. From live chats and scores, this results-driven app helps students and teachers have interactive education sessions. This works on any device for different subjects and all levels of education.


Canva is a great design tool that can help students design assignment or project elements such as infographics and other graphics. The templates available on Canva are easy to use for any beginner and these designs can be downloaded as jpegs, png and pdfs. This tool allows you to incorporate creative design into your studies or lessons. Canva offers teaching materials for teachers to use for design lessons and to also share with students.

The influence of tech tools in Education

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With the daily addition of educational tools that are technology driven, more institutions are likely to adapt and make these techniques mandatory for students and teachers. The evolution in schools has created a generation that is digitised and tech smart, which inspires ground-breaking career paths. These career paths can be inspired by courses such as digital marketing and branding qualifications and other tech-based courses. It is said that most technology based jobs have not even been created yet.

The era of technology is one that will continue to produce new age digitised jobs and career paths.Having students study in this tech-based environment prepares them to use the investments for future jobs. Educational training is necessary and will always be advantageous in building careers of the future generation.

This further encourages schools to use technology systems in courses and subjects that students study towards.


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