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July 11, 2017
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The Accelerated Business Growth Programme

Accelerated Business Growth

The Accelerated Business Growth Programme


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Programme Pricing and Start Dates

Commencing every 2 months – delivered in London; but also serving the north of England The Programme cost is £12,000 – inclusive of all aspects of the programme: the 6 one-day Workshops; Participation in the Development Forum; and the In-own Business Strategic Development Audit

A Tailored Payment Schedule:

  • £12,000 pounds paid in full pre-course – receive £500 pounds discount
  • Paid in 2 equal instalments – instalment 1 at beginning of course; instalment 2 mid-course
  • Or £3,000 pre-course deposit; followed by 6 equal payments of £1,500 per month

For the entrepreneurial growth-achieving and fast-growth seeking small business CEO or owner manager

Join a programme of elite coparticipants selected for their high-level entrepreneurship orientation and capability and desire for fast growth achievement of their business

Draw upon a truly unique combination of rigorous entrepreneurial academic small business management insight >>>coaching/mentoring >>>consultancy support - Founded upon 20 years plus of partnership working with growth-achieving small business.

We have structured the Accelerated Business Growth Programme to allow you to partnership work with us over a period of 3 months: Attend 6 one-day Saturday Workshops delivered every 2 to 3 weeks. Access an integrated series of one-day development workshops – periods away from the business are short, sharp, intensive and effective to minimise disruption to your organisation Use your own business as a ‘learning and development laboratory’ Participate in a face-to-face Entrepreneurship Development Forum once a month – discuss and brainstorm your business development issues with, and take on board the perspectives and experience of, the other programme participants Round off your programme by ‘partnership working’ with our programme entrepreneurship specialist in the undertaking of a strategic development audit within and of your business. Our small business strategic development specialist will work with you in your business to help make explicit the current strategic position of your business in the marketplace, identify alternative future strategic development and growth paths and assist you in implementing that development.

Who should attend?

This programme is designed for Owner Managers, CEO’s and Senior Managers of micro and small businesses who are seeking fast, sustainable growth of their already established enterprises.

Format of Delivery

6 Saturday Workshops on alternative weekends over a 14 week period; followed by a comprehensive in-your-own small business strategic development audit and assessment .

How will you Benefit?

‘Partnership Work’ with us to achieve:

  • Coherent extension of existing core business activities.
  • Entry to new markets and/or new product development.
  • Pace of growth in sales.
  • Enhanced productivity and reduction in costs.
  • Increased profitability.
  • Key Focus Areas

    Workshop 1:
    ‘Best Practice’ Small Business Strategic Management
    Workshop 2:
    Financing Growth.
    Workshop 3:
    Effective Marketing – Market and Marketing Orientation as a Driver of Growth.
    Workshop 4:
    Managing People as Key Asset and Growth Facilitator.
    Workshop 5:
    The Production-Service Function – Achieving Balance: Maintaining Quality of Existing Core Provision and Parallel Fast Growth.
    Workshop 6:
    Fostering Strategic Awareness Capability to Facilitate Sustainable Growth.
  • The Entrepreneurship Development Forum
  • 3 Wednesday evenings spanning the Workshop period
  • In-Own-Business Strategic Development Audit
  • A natural follow-on from the last Learning and Development Workshop
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