(Accelerated) BSc (Hons) Business (Marketing)
May 26, 2017

(Accelerated) BSc (Hons) Business

(Accelerated) BSc (Hons) Business

Full-time undergraduate (2 years)


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Course Duration: 2 Years
Entry Dates in 2019: 25 February,
20 May,
1 July,
23 September,
4 November
Entry Dates in 2020: 17 February,
11 May,
27 July,
14 September

Our BSc (Hons) Business aims to provide a stimulating, multicultural learning environment in which students aspire to become global citizens capable of contributing effectively and responsibly.

At LCIBS we seek to foster internationalism and professionalism providing programmes that embody a spirit of international understanding and cooperation, allied to a high-level of professional capability and responsibility.

During your studies at LCIBS you will understand and engage with the following:
  • The changing and dynamic nature of business-related disciplines within an interconnected globalised and complex world
  • The influences/impact that externalities, such as the political and economic environments, have upon business and society
  • The on-going development of careers within a business-related environment and the need to continually enhance and develop a range of skill sets to participate both within a business and societal context

You will also learn how to develop a level of emotional resilience to operate within challenging environments; be adaptable and flexible to the changing needs of organisations and society as a whole; global diversity in terms of cultures, ethical behaviours, communication, environmental awareness and social responsibility; learn and develop through a range of group and individual practice-oriented learning experiences; develop self-reflection, self-critical and personal skill sets; explore areas of both personal and career interest through the pathways and acquire competencies in interpersonal skills that will be beneficial to a future career.

English language requirements:
English proficiency of IELTS 5.5 (with a minimum of 5.0 in each component) or an equivalent recognised exam.
(Accelerated) BSc (Hons) Business Programme Structure – (FHEQ) Level 4

(FHEQ) Level 4
(Accelerated) BSc (Hons) Business

Credit Points
Organisational Behaviour 15
Marketing in Action 15
Finance and Accounting 15
Human Resource Management 15
Personal Development Planning (Personal) 15
Simulation for Business Start-up 15
Market Research 15
Public Relations & the media 15
Total level credits 120

Exit award CertHE 120 credits

(Accelerated) BSc (Hons) Business Programme Structure – (FHEQ) Level 5

(FHEQ) Level 5
(Accelerated) BSc (Hons) Business

Credit Points
Economics 15
Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Reputation 15
Business Communications 15
Human Resource Management Learning & Development 15
Simulation for Business Development 15
Personal Development Planning (Professional) 15
Branding and brand management 15
Public Relations and affairs 15
Total level credits 120

Exit award level 5 DipHE 240 Credits

(Accelerated) BSc (Hons) Business Programme Structure – (FHEQ) Level 6

(FHEQ) Level 6
(Accelerated) BSc (Hons) Business

Credit Points
Business Research Methods 15
Strategic Management 15
Logistics and Supply Chain Management 15
Operations Management 15
Dissertation 45
Personal Professional Development (Employability) 15
Total level credits 120

Total programme credits


Progression route

The (Accelerated) BSc (Hons) Degree at LCIBS is awarded after a full-time study course on a range of selected courses. On successful completion of the programme, the student can progress onto one of Masters programmes at LCIBS.

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