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International Women’s Leadership Programme
1 February 2019
Thriving under pressure
Thriving under Pressure
28 January 2019
Executive Short Course

Building High Performing Teams - The Coaching and mentoring Programme

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In both sport and business the climate is highly competitive, changeable, and demanding, where success is often determined by the collective capability of the team rather than the talent and skills of a given individual.

Fees: R9 500 / $650 (includes tuition, instruction material, lunches and refreshments)

DATE: 12 - 13 Aug 2019
CAMPUSES: Botswana, Durban, Cape Town
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Who should attend

  • Middle/Senior Managers
  • Directors and Business leaders
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High performance teams are characterised by a connection to a powerful purpose that inspires the collective to go beyond what is expected to achieve sustained success. In high performance teams there is a strong sense of clarity of individual and collective roles and goals. But mostly they are defined by their ability to problem solve, share knowledge, innovate, and adapt - often under intense pressure. High performance teams display such characteristics because of high levels of trust, vulnerability and awareness, which catalyses candid communication, a willingness to work collaboratively, and learn from success and failure to fulfil their purpose.


Focus Areas

  • Connecting purpose and vision to effectively drive teams forward towards a collective vision. Create a well-defined actionable purpose and value proposition, and inspire others to follow your mission.
  • Performing under pressure requires quick decision-making, problem-solving and harnessing team players’ unique strengths. Drive highly effective teams under pressure, and manage stress and burnout.
  • Building self-awareness is a game-changer when it comes to a team’s ability to collaborate. Turn awareness into team practice and channel mindfulness and open dialogue.
  • Improving team performance requires clear goal-setting, time management, measurability, a shared vision and effective communication. Boost your team’s performance in the digital era with the right tools and techniques.

How will you benefit?

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Identify and connect to the team’s purpose and meaning
  • Share approaches and processes that enhance collective clarity of team and individual performance under pressure
  • Recognise and utilise your own and others’ strengths and skills to unlock the team’s capabilities
  • Develop approaches that optimise resilience and engagement, whilst reducing the risks of stress and burnout
  • Motivate others to unlock their full potential
  • Inspire team excellence by demonstrating your own understanding of the challenges of sustainable success in high-performance environments
  • Build and nurture an agile culture capable of responding to volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous demands
  • Acquire a unique, new perspective of yourself and your performance
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