English Language Intensive
Intensive English Language Programmes
February 8, 2019
Building high performance teams
Building High Performing Teams
January 28, 2019
Executive Short Course

International Women's Leadership Programme

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The world is changing rapidly and captains of industry are facing unprecedented challenges. Digital technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution requires visionary leaders who are champions of healthy socio-economic systems. Women have a major role to play in ensuring the world of tomorrow is equitable and community driven. From Syria to the US, women are shaking up the status quo, using their voices to be the drivers of change for a better future for all. As the two male authors of The Athena Doctrine, John Gerzema & Michael Antonio, said: “Women, and the men who think like them, will rule the future”.

But the rate of change for gender inclusion remains slow. You are the future! At LCIBS we’ll help you shift the dial faster and teach you how to lead a dynamic and inclusive future for all.