LCIBS 360°

Being a student is alive with possibility! LCIBS College life gives students the opportunity to shine, build meaningful relationships, explore and create. Students have the opportunity to shape their future, make lifelong friends while finding themselves through learning. By sharing this rewarding experience with a mentor, each student is able to navigate his or her personal route to success.

Our student support team strive to make learning fun and easy for all. Everyone in the Student Support team is a professional in their field; they are trained and qualified to motivate and inspire success in every individual that they work with. LCIBS 360° focusses on each student’s personal strengths to overcome any challenges on their journey to achieve their goals and dreams.

The LCIBS 360° Student Support Team will walk beside each student on their educational journey, providing guidance every step of the way. Holistic support will be provided on their journey to becoming a global citizen. We will empower students, as they become the global leaders of tomorrow, whilst helping each individual to make the most of their student experience today.

Wellness and Life Coaching

Our Wellness and Life Coaches provide personalised social and emotional support and guidance. This support focuses on helping student’s set and achieve their personal goals. Our coaches provide a creative and thought-provoking service to develop each student into the person that they would like to be.

Academic Advising

Each LCIBS student is assigned a personal Academic Adviser, from registration to graduation. Each student’s Academic Adviser will provide assistance in any aspect of the course work or assessments and will guide students in setting and achieving educational goals. If a student has a query and doesn’t know who to turn to, our Academic Advisers can refer students to other services provided by LCIBS.

Nightlight Afterhours Support

For each module that has an exam assessment, students will have access to afterhours support with our Nightlight academics. This channel of support is there to assist with any course work related queries that needs immediate assistance, outside of the working hours of the student’s Academic Adviser.

For effective use of our services, please read our terms and conditions

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