The Value of E-Books in the Digital Learning Experience

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The manner in which we consume information and take in knowledge has truly begun to evolve. Now literally at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse we are able to connect with influencers, their thought processes, ideologies and their intelligence. One of the most exciting technologies that we’ve ever had the chance to interface with when it comes to digital education is e-books. But what exactly is this resource and how is it adding value to the digital learning experience?


  1. The range of information available is expansive

E-books cover a range of information and subjects. Both fiction and non-fiction material is available online. If you are a student you can also gain access to resources and e-books such as the Schools and Teaching categories in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited  category available on Kindle Publishing.


  1. Easily available for purchase

There are many online platforms available that allow for e-book purchases. So if you are a student or learner who requires such resources, you can easily access them on sites such as the Kindle E-Book store, Take a and Google Play E-Books.


  1. Moves with you and fits into your lifestyle

E-books are easily available online and has the power to move with you and with your lifestyle. If you have access to a hard drive you can easily carry many files around with you. In this way your study and inspiration material can come with you on holiday, to the office or pretty much any location in the world.


  1. The format interfaces well with digital structure

Many e-book formats are easily navigable from a digital and online point of view. Users are able to easily search through the e-book material using a search function. There are also clickable chapter headings. There is also a tap and slide function which allows for a ‘real book’ feel. Users are able to flip through pages albeit digitally.  Content creators nowadays also create clickable internal links within their books which allows the reader to navigate to a relevant page, diagram or piece of information in the book.


  1. Digital Learning promotes a more personalised learning experience

Everybody has different learning methods and preferences. Some may prefer the more traditional approach, however, there are many people nowadays who prefer to read a book online. Digital books integrate seamlessly into the lives of students on the move. A person may also work at their own individual pace when it comes to absorbing the material in those books.

The world is moving toward greater integration of technology in the education space. Digital resources and ebooks are fast coming into our domain in ways that have never been seen before. In order to progress and evolve with the current technological times, people will have to adapt and embrace the new technologies that are upon us. Expand your mind and your experience. It isn’t just necessary, it will bring about excitement and a breath of fresh air to your educational experience.


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